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HIFU Sveltia

HIFU Sveltia


It features cutting-edge technology for the treatment of skin tightening and removal of the most resistant fatty tissue, based on mechanical action focused ultrasound.


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Non-invasive therapy, no need for recovery period.

FACIAL: Tightening of the SMAS, development and modeling of collagen and contraction of elastin fibers. It improves the tone of the skin focusing directly on different depths of the tissues, reaching the SMAS, through thermal coagulation points, increasing the local temperature between 55º and 75º C.  

4 Interchangeable transducers: Focus depth: 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm and 13 mm. 

BODY: Reduction of localized fat by thermal effect. 

Service life: 30,000 shots per cartridge.  

The one and only technology available that allows working up to 13 mm deep in the tissues. It specifically targets the deep layers of the skin.


  • ANMAT PM-2089-15 


  • Facelift effect

  • Neck, double chin, submental region and mandibular ridge tightening 

  • Improvement of skin smoothness 

  • Reduction of nasolabial fold 

  • Elevation of the cheekbone

2 Years

Official Guarantee




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